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Olea Essence makes money turning olives into cosmetics

QATZRIN—Barely 25 km from the Syrian border, Israeli businessman Avner Talmon maneuvers his Polaris Ranger 4×4 along a dirt road overlooking the Golan Heights. Despite the civil war raging on the other side of this heavily fortified border, the view from our vantage point 700 meters above sea level couldn’t be more peaceful; about the most dangerous things in our immediate vicinity are hairpin turns, occasional snakes and an unrelenting sun. Here, on 60 hectares of hardscrabble land whose history dates back to long before the birth of Jesus, Talmon’s company, Olea Essence Ltd. , harvests the fruit of 23,000 olive trees into 100 percent organic olive oil and an impressive array of natural cosmetics ranging from facial wash to foot...

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